Baby Road: Day 7 by Bill Pike

IMG_1269.jpgMinus the Princess, the adults in the condo were moving slow on the morning of Monday, April 23.

On his first night in his new home, Hudson was intent in creating a memorable evening for the adults. He won. White flags were raised all through the night.

Hopefully, there would be some recovery before the sun was cast away for night number two.

On the agenda this morning was walking the Princess to the Old Town School of Folk Music for her Wiggle Worm class. We arrived before the start time. Parked our stroller in the lobby, and Nahna and the Princess headed to the 45-minute class. I figured the Wiggle Worm class might be too intense for an old grump like me.

So, I sat in the lobby, and watched it fill with strollers of all shapes and sizes. Parents and nannies herded kids to the Wiggle Worm classroom. Some moved fast. Others moved slow. Some needed coaxing with countdowns or food driven bribes.

Occasionally, my solitude was broken when a harried grandparent arrived late with a wiggle worm. In the background, a wonderfully diverse playlist of music was lilting through the speakers. It seemed like a good time for a nap, but sporadic stomping from the Wiggle Worms up above prevented that.

When the class was over, the lobby was a stroller traffic nightmare. Somehow, the departing and arriving negotiated with no collisions or ruffled feathers.

It was a brisk walk back to condo as we pushed into a cool breeze that felt more like fall than spring. However, the Princess enjoyed every bump on the sidewalk.

Back at the condo, Hudson was settled. His demands from the first night had subsided.

After lunch, Nahna and I were slotted to make a run to Target. I should have stayed at home. I’m not a very good cart driver.

With Target behind me, I was scheduled to do some sprucing up of the shrubs and landscaped beds in front of the condo. Once I was organized that turned out to be a good chore—a full afternoon.

By the time I re-entered the condo, the Princess had finished her dinner of macaroni and cheese. Soon, she would be getting ready for a bubble bath.

Once again, Nahna had prepped another crock pot dinner. This one featuring beef, onions, carrots, and potatoes. Based around Hudson’s needs, we ate in shifts. The meal hit the spot.

Wondering what the night held for Hudson, everyone scurried to clean up the kitchen and to get ready for bed.

Deep inside, I think we had silently prayed that Hudson’s second night would be more restful and less stressful than his first.

God must still be hanging around up there.

Night number two was a significant improvement.

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