Baby Road: Day 8 by Bill Pike

Tuesday, April 24 was a quiet day.

For the Princess, her father was going to take her to the Pee Wee class at the local fitness center.

I took the trash and the recycling into the alley behind the condo and dumped them into the appropriate containers. The sun was warm on the back side of the condo.

Back inside, I had orders to take down the pink curtain in what would eventually become Hudson’s new room.

Even with little activity, the morning passed quickly.

Hudson had been awake, then asleep. Fed, then back to sleep. He had given his parents a primer on his capacity to whiz when least expected during diaper changes. They had also learned about the lack of snugness with newborn diapers. Despite this learning curve, Hudson captured a room.

Just past noon, the Princess and her dad returned from her Pee Wee class. We received a full report about all of the activities, but then the Princess realized the handcrafted helicopter she made had been left behind.

Pretty soon, the Princess was headed for her afternoon nap.

While she was napping, Nahna and I took a short walk to an overpriced grocery store to pickup a few items for our baked salmon dinner.

Once we returned, the afternoon was interrupted for our daughter. It appeared that the C-section incision wasn’t healing properly. So, she had scheduled an appointment with her doctor to check out the incision.

When she returned, all was well. But, I was sent to the CVS to pick up a couple of items the doctor recommended to promote the healing.

It was still a bit cool, but the afternoon was sun lit with blue skies. The Princess wanted to go to the park. Within a few minutes, we were organized and ready for this trip.

At the park, all the Princess wanted to do was swing in the swings, and the higher the better. We sampled every style of swing at the park. While swinging, the Princess reconfirmed her sighting of a faint white moon high in the eastern blue sky. IMG_1259

Sometimes at home, the Princess is able to coax her father into a bit of interior swinging. The Princess finds a shopping bag with sturdy handles. She snuggles into the bag. Her father swings her back and forth until his shoulders scream for mercy.

Eventually, we were able to coax the Princess out of the last swing. We started the walk back home. We took a slightly different route with the hope of rolling over more bumps in the sidewalk.

After eating her dinner, there was a surprise awaiting the Princess. To replace her broken wand, her dad had ordered an assortment of new wands for her. The Princess was pleased.

Our evening routine fit a familiar template. The Princess starts heading for bed around 7. Then everyone is glued on Hudson, and we try to figure out eating dinner. Despite eating dinner much later than when we are in Richmond, this schedule has worked.

And tucked away in that routine is the hope that Hudson will have another good night.

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