To Blog Or Not To Blog

As soon as we launch this blog, I’m sure the nano second world of technology will have something better than a blog. I’m a technology turtle. Need proof? I still own a flip phone!

Over the last several years, I’ve developed a passion for tinkering with words. My realm of success in finding outlets for my work to be formally published has been itty-bitty. While I will continue to explore options for publishing, I thought it seems reasonable that I could share my musings on a more frequent basis, thus a blog.

I’ve written a lot of pieces that focus on family, friends, life, and how in all that mix I might be able to find a slight theological connection without becoming a hell-fire and damnation, fist pounding, red faced, huffing and puffing, _________. (“e” word completes this sentence, I struggle with the “e” word!).

With this blog, the writing will continue to focus on themes surrounding family, friends, and this seemingly endless story bank, we call life.

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