A perspective from a collection box

On Wednesday, March 18, I think we sensed something was up. 

A nice lady put new signage on two of us.

We had been rebranded:  Sherbourne Food Pantry, Oak Grove-Bellemeade Elementary School, and Henrico County Public Schools.

Then on Thursday morning, we really knew something was different.

An old geezer took us outside the church building. For years, we had been cooped up inside.

I think a bit of fear ran through our cardboard walls. 

He walked us down the steps of the Welcome Center.

Next, he placed us along the Forest Avenue side of the driveway curb.

He spaced us out a bit, and since it was a breezy day he placed a brick on our floors. I guess he didn’t want a March wind to blow us away.

Then, he took a couple of steps back and snapped our picture. I think we looked pretty good even though our eyes were still adjusting to the sunlight.

A few minutes after 10 that morning, a lady drove up in her car. She got out of her vehicle with a bag in hand.

The old geezer knew her.  He greeted her, and he thanked her for making a donation. I sensed she was a member of the church.

But, one thing was clear by the words I heard her use—this lady has a good heart.

On that first day, we were out there from 10 – 2. People came by in spurts with their donations. 

The donors were pretty gentle people. They didn’t roughly toss in their donations. We all dread those rough tossers as they sometimes bruise our walls.

While we were out there, my pal, Wally, on my right was thankful some bird didn’t take target practice on us with some well aimed droppings. 

And, to my left,  my friend, Ouiser, wasn’t too grumpy, but she wondered if the old geezer was going to give us any sunscreen. After all this was our first time out in the sun. 

Promptly at 2 o’clock, the old geezer showed up with a hand truck. He struggled a bit, but he eventually returned us to the Welcome Center.

On Friday morning, just before 10, we were back in the driveway. We had a busier day. By 2, each of us was just about full with donations.

The old geezer really struggled this time to move us back inside. He had to remove some of our heavier donations so that the hand truck could carry us. 

On Monday morning, some nice people sorted out the donations we had collected.

I heard them breakdown the counts as follows:

Henrico County Public Schools: 7 containers of snack food

Oak Grove-Bellemeade Elementary School:  6 bags of books, 21 hygiene items

Sherbourne Food Pantry: 31 bags of groceries

That wasn’t bad for two days of work in a new environment. 

Especially under these COVID-19 conditions.

 I’m not sure exactly who COVID-19 is, but it sounds like to me COVID-19 has become skilled at not being very nice to people.

The old geezer seemed pleased with the results. But, more importantly people in our community who need help will receive it.

Speaking for Wally, Ouiser, and myself, Otis, I hope we get to go outside again soon. 

Even with COVID-19 around, we enjoy collecting for people in need.

It’s good for our hearts, and your hearts too.

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