Goodbye Mammoth Lakes, Back To Agua Dulce by Bill Pike

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Somehow, the items we brought with us are packed up and back in the cars. 

The pleasant, cool early morning temperatures will be missed. Heat and humidity are still hanging around in Richmond awaiting our return.

Heading out to the highway the familiar town landmarks are fading out of view.

 I hope Mammoth Lakes and the whole state of California and other parched areas in the western parts of the United States receive rain or lots of winter snows. It is mighty, mighty dry out here. So dry that it feels like even a harsh, misplaced word could spark the start of a fire.

All along the drive back home, I’m reminded of the landscape. As I have stated before, no matter the direction I look there is a view that captures my attention. I hope we will have another opportunity to visit the Eastern Sierras. 

img_1741As we work our way south, the landscape continues to change. Nothing like this back home.

img_1742We stop in Lone Pine to charge up the car’s batteries. In fact, the charging station is in the back parking lot of the Lone Pine Film History Museum. Recharging doesn’t take long.


img_1743While waiting, I take some photos of the Trails Motel. A friend back in Richmond at one time had family ties to this place. It appears to be well maintained and holding its own.

With the charging complete, Art has us back on the road.  

Somewhere well south of Lone Pine, we can see this black plume of smoke. As we come upon this extensive plot of wind turbines, we can see that one of those wind turbines is on fire. It is burning up. There is no indication that anyone is concerned.

This ride back to Agua Dulce featured another opportunity to learn about an excursion Art took with a friend. They hitch hiked across America. Art is a lot braver than me, and that was a long, long time ago. In the craziness and uncertainty of our world today, hitch hiking appears to have lost a bit of its allure.

Gradually, we make it back to the house. Lucy has been picked up and is back ruling the roost. 

It is a lazy afternoon.

Later, we take a short ride into Agua Dulce for dinner at the Maria Bonita Mexican Restaurant. I’ve never had a bad meal at this place—good, good Mexican food creations.

After dinner, Betsy and I do a final check of our luggage prep. 

Hard to believe we’re heading home tomorrow.

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