With the help of our youngest daughter, Elizabeth, back in June 2017, we launched the Word Press blog site Might Be Baloney:

At some point in the last couple of weeks, we hit post 100.

I want to thank Eiizabeth for your patience with me. She taught me a lot. I rarely have to bug her now to assist with a post.

But, I want also to thank the loyal readers of the blog on Word Press, Facebook, and Linked In. I apologize for the post that have annoyed you, bored you, and made you scream out loud: “Bill has lost his mind.”

And while I haven’t always responded to your comments, I sincerely appreciate anytime you read a piece. Additionally, I am thankful for the times you share a post with a friend.

It is my sincere hope that the good Lord will allow me to continue to carve out time to tinker with words.

Finally, a recent post, Down By 3, was run as a op-ed piece in two North Carolina newspapers. I appreciate the editors who had the courage to accept my baloney. But, also appreciate the opportunity this gave me to reconnect with the Walter Williams HIgh School Class of 1971. I am certain the faculty and the school board were thankful to see me walk across the stage. I know my parents were!

One more finally, a special thanks to my wife, Betsy, the Commander Supreme, for putting up with me all these years. And to our oldest daughter, Lauren, our son, Andrew, and their families for putting up with me too.

And one more finally, if any of you have any interest in learning more about our three self-published books for children: The Last Pumpkin, Murray and the Mudmumblers, and The Principal’s Pink Tutu Run let me know. A goal in 2020 is to redevelop a web presence for these books.

Be smart, be safe, may God bless, and thanks for reading the baloney, Bill Pike

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